Sandusky set to appear in court today

November 4, 2016 GMT

A 29-year-old Pennsylvania man who claims he is at the center of a lingering mystery from Jerry Sandusky’s 2012 child-sex abuse case is set to testify for the first time Friday as part of the former Pennsylvania State University football coach’s bid for a new trial.

Though the former coach is unlikely to take the witness stand Friday, he is scheduled to appear with his lawyers at the proceeding, a continuation of an appeal hearing that began this summer.

Sandusky’s lawyers believe the man is Victim 2, the boy who graduate assistant Mike McQueary says he saw sexually assaulted by Sandusky in a campus locker room shower in 2001. What’s more, they say, prosecutors hid him from jurors at the trial four years ago because his account didn’t match that of their star witness.

Those prosecutors say the man is an impostor who, with the help of a civil attorney, molded his story to position himself for the largest possible payout from Penn State.

Despite the dramatic potential at Friday’s hearing in a Bellefonte courtroom, Senior Judge John M. Cleland has said he has no interest in settling once and for all whether the man truly was that boy Sandusky assaulted in the shower.