On health care, Cong. Smith says he’s not giving up on the Senate

July 22, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. - With the failure of the latest “Repeal and Replace” bill in Congress and the proposal to just repeal the Affordable Care Act dead on arrival, the question now is whether the GOP-controlled Senate can come through on health care.

Nebraska 3rd District Congressman Adrian Smith says he hasn’t given up on the Senate yet.

“We had some delays on the House side before we ultimately got our bill done,” Smith says. “The fact of the matter is, doing nothing is not an option. That doesn’t mean we just do something for the sake of doing something. We need to understand that no bill will be perfect and we can’t expect to fix everything with one vote.”

Smith says he’s confident the Senate knows it cannot allow the status quo to continue.

He understands the frustration with the Senate process, but also knows it can be slow for a reason and it needs to be played out in full.

“They operate differently and that’s by design,” Smith says. “Oftentimes, we don’t let the process work enough and if we utilize the process that was set up long before any of us were around, I think we can come up with more solutions.”

Two more Republican senators announced Monday they won’t support the party’s effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Senate leaders intend to bring up the version of a new health care bill that passed in the House months ago.