NY lawmakers vote to ban pesticide blamed for harm to babies

May 1, 2019 GMT

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New York lawmakers have voted to join Hawaii in banning a widely used pesticide that’s blamed for harming the brains of babies.

The Democrat-led Senate and Assembly passed legislation Tuesday evening that would immediately prohibit aerial spraying of chlorpyrifos (klohr-PY’-rih-fohs). All use of the pesticide would be banned in December 2021.

The pesticide is used on many crops, including apples, a leading New York product.

California and other states are also considering restrictions on the chemical after the Trump administration balked at a federal ban.


Studies have linked chrlopyrifos to neurological problems in children. A federal appeals court ruled last year that the Trump administration endangered public health by ignoring evidence about the pesticide.

The measure now moves to Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who hasn’t weighed in on the bill.