Cher isn’t a fan of Cher

May 19, 2017 GMT

Cher doesn’t like her own music.

The 70-year-old musician might have millions of fans across the globe, but she can’t count herself as one of them as she doesn’t think her current “aesthetic taste” is the same as it was when she released hit singles such as ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ in 1989.

She said: “I’m not a Cher fan. I just don’t think my aesthetic taste lies in her direction.”

And the ‘Believe’ singer doesn’t like the idea that she is getting older, and says she’s “shocked” she can still perform at her age as she thought she’d “be dead” by now.

Speaking about growing older, Cher said: “I don’t like getting old. I’m shocked that I can still run across the stage at my age. I thought I’d be dead.”

Despite not being a fan of ageing, Cher - who has sons Chaz, 48, with her former husband Sonny Bono, and Elijah, 40, with ex-husband Gregg Allman - admits she’s lived “a really good life” so far, even though there have been a mix of ups and downs.

She told Billboard magazine: “When I think about my life, it was a really good life. It was hard. It was crazy. And it was laced with amazing and treacherous and sad, like everybody’s life.”

Meanwhile, Cher is set to receive the Icon Award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, when she attends the ceremony in Las Vegas on May 21, where she will also take to the stage to perform her hit single ‘Believe’ in what will be her first awards show performance in over 15 years.

Speaking in a statement about her award, Cher said: “I’m honoured to receive the 2017 Billboard Music Awards ICON Award and take the stage to celebrate my love of music with my fans.

“Seeing so many powerful artists - especially female artists emerge and take their place in history through the years has been incredible. I’m honoured to be amongst the previous ICON Award winners and to celebrate this milestone achievement by performing ‘Believe’ on the show.”