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Tests Show Blood Found In House Doesn’t Match That Of Resident

September 10, 1987 GMT

ATLANTA (AP) _ Human blood found on the floors and walls of a house was not the same type as that of an elderly dialysis patient who lives there, but authorities still don’t know where it came from, a State Crime Lab official said Thursday.

″It could be a homicide, it could be a hoax,″ said Larry Howard, the lab’s director.

Police, however, were not calling it either.

Detective Steve Cartwright said investigators had found no evidence of a crime, and police spokeswoman Marion Lee said officers were not assuming it was a hoax.


″I’m sure they (detectives) wouldn’t still be investigating it″ if they believed that was the case, she said.

Police were called early Wednesday to the home of William Winston, 79, and his wife, Minnie Clyde Winston, 77, who reported finding blood on the floors and walls of the house they have rented for 22 years. Lab tests Wednesday confirmed it was human blood.

Howard said Thursday that test results showed the blood was type O, while Winston has type A. He said more samples from Winston and his wife would be tested, however.

Winston, whose blood is cleaned by dialysis machine at a clinic because of kidney problems, said he didn’t know where the blood came from.

″I’m not bleeding. My wife’s not bleeding. Nobody else was here,″ he said.

Mrs. Winston said Thursday she was weary of all the attention the bizarre discovery had brought.

″I still don’t know where the blood came from, and I’m tired of all these people asking me all these questions,″ she said. ″If anybody comes here today, I’m not going to open my door.″

She said the six-room brick house in southwest Atlanta was besieged with calls and visits Wednesday from those intrigued by the mystery.

″The phone rang all night, people asking me questions,″ she said. ″I’m fed up with all this.″

She said she has not found any new spots of blood.

Mrs. Winston told police she stepped out of the bathtub late Tuesday to find the floor covered with blood. She said she called her husband to ″come look at all this red stuff coming out of the floors.″

Police said blood was found in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom and halls.

Although initial reports mentioned pools of blood, The Atlanta Journal said one of its reporters who examined the living room saw splotches of blood ranging in size from a dime to a silver dollar. The reporter also saw a red spot on the back door and blood spots in the basement.

Police spokesman Kevin Forier said police expect to find a logical explanation. ″It’s not going to be a, you know, ’the house that bleeds,‴ he said.

″It’s an extremely strange situation,″ said Cartwright. ″I’ve been on the force 10 years, and I’ve never seen anything like this.″