Letter: Closing of Perkins restaurants is a huge loss for Rochester

December 9, 2018

We’re saddened/shocked that Perkins restaurants closed in Rochester. We had been “daily” customers at 16th Avenue NW. The last day was emotional with many hugs and tears!

Employers, we recommend all the employees from Perkins. They all were loyal, reliable, dedicated, courteous, warm, loving, caring, and providing each of us with “Doing Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You” service.

Missed are free Veterans Day meals for the many veterans plus daily discounts to those veterans throughout the year; employment of ABC personnel, a place for out-of-town people frequenting their restaurants, a place for homeless people to come and not be rejected, etc.

Contact corporate Perkins and tell them how much you will miss having these restaurants in Rochester, which were owned by private party that did all they could to keep open. We wrote and they appreciated our taking the time to write. By taking the time to write, maybe they will react in record time to re-establish taking the stores over and reopen in Rochester.

Pray for families that have lost their jobs and for the previous owners as they suffer the loss of their employees and businesses.

Nick and Mary Majerus, Rochester