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RCTC’s ‘Figaro’ is a complete farce

April 19, 2019 GMT

Jerry Casper knows a good farce when he sees one.

And he’s pretty sure “Figaro,” which Casper is directing at Rochester Community & Technical College, is a good one.

“It’s the best farce I’ve read in years,” Casper said. “I’m always reading scripts, and when I read the first five pages of this, it was making me laugh.”

Now the trick is to take that script to the stage, where it opens April 25 in Charles Hill Theatre on the RCTC campus.

The play, written by Charles Morey, is adapted from the original “Le Marriage de Figaro” by Beaumarchais, which later became an opera in the hands of Mozart.

But there’s no need to be familiar with the original to enjoy the show, Casper said.

“I don’t think so at all,” he said. “It doesn’t really need a lot of backstory.”

In the play, Figaro is getting married in the morning. But a lot of people are scheming to keep him from getting to the church on time, if at all.

“He did a really good job of staying in the right time period, but updating the language,” Casper said of Morey’s play.

For the RCTC production, Casper has a cast of nine student actors. “I feel good about the cast,” he said. “I think they’re learning about farcical comedy. They’re having a lot of fun together.”

Asked what kind of set he and designer Ben Hain have planned for the play, Casper said, “Doors.” Of course, every farce needs plenty of doors, to keep characters coming off and on stage, with plenty of mixups and mistaken identities.

“It’s nothing but straight farce,” Casper said. “It’s fast-moving.”

In addition to evening performances, “Figaro” will be presented as a Saturday matinee on May 4.