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Ruling On Manner Of Death In Fatal Edwardsville Crash On Hold During Police Investigation

October 27, 2016

The Luzerne County Coroner’s Office will await the results of a police investigation into Sunday’s fatal car crash in Edwardsville before making a ruling on the death of a Kingston man., a deputy coroner said.

Casey Michalek, 21, died Tuesday from injuries sustained early Sunday morning in the wreck on Williams Street.

An autopsy conducted on Thursday determined Michalek died of multiple traumatic injuries, Luzerne County Deputy Coroner Dan Hughes said.

The coroner’s office has decided to delay making a ruling on the manner of death until the police investigation is complete, Hughes said.

Edwardsville police have not released any information about the crash.

Michalek, an organ donor, was mortally wounded in the wreck, but was kept on life support for more than two days while organ-transplant operations were scheduled around the country for people on waiting lists, his mother said.

— Bob Kalinowski