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Letter to the editor: Great people in New Kensington

September 7, 2018

Recently I wrecked my car in the parking lot of the Community Clothes Closet in New Kensington. My airbags deployed, leaving me stunned. Gabe, who lives in a nearby apartment , ran to get me out of my car. He asked me if I was hurt and went back home to get first-aid ointment for my arm. He stayed with me until my husband and the police arrived, taking terrific care of me. While waiting three hours for a tow truck, Karen, another concerned citizen, stayed with me, trying to reassure me that things would be fine. Many other citizens stopped by to ask what happened and to see if I was injured.

These people are now considered my family. There are truly wonderful people in our town. People need to stop bad-mouthing downtown New Kensington. My thanks to our caring downtown residents.

Christina Discello

New Kensington