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Rich Baker for Gov’s Council

November 1, 2018 GMT

One of the lesser-known races on Tuesday’s ballot is for Governor’s Council. For our district the race is between Incumbent Democrat Eileen Duff, Republican Richard Baker, and Libertarian Marc Mercier.

The eight councilors have two main jobs. One is approving judges nominated for the bench. The other is approving expenditure warrants.

If you have been following the news you have seen the turmoil in our courts, from resignations of judges to bad judicial decisions, putting the citizens of our Commonwealth at risk.

If we, the voters, wish to turn things around we can’t continue doing the same old thing. We need new people on the Governor’s Council. Rich Bakerhas experience working with lawyers and judges. He has an independent cast of mind within a judicially conservative mindset. He will vet nominees within that framework and provide us judges who will follow the law with dignity and understanding.

I recommend a vote for Rich Baker for Governor’s Councilor, Fifth District.