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Shamrocks aren’t any old clover

Metro CreativeMarch 17, 2019

Shamrocks are a ubiquitous symbol of Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day.

Much like New York City’s Empire State Building or Egypt’s great pyramids are in their respective countries, the shamrock is an icon in Ireland that has grown to symbolize Irish heritage and culture. Many products, sports teams and businesses with ties to Ireland feature shamrocks in their logos.

So it should come as no surprise that shamrocks also are a major part of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. After all, this is a day to pay homage to Ireland’s patron saint — as well as the country itself.

The Irish are quite protective of their shamrocks, and some are quick to point out that shamrocks and certain clovers, including the supposedly lucky four-leaf clover, are not interchangeable. Some botanists will agree.

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