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The Metabolic Factor Reviews (Dr. Jonny Bowden) - Does It Really Work?

September 8, 2020 GMT

New York, NY ( TS Newswire ) -- 09 Sep 2020

The Metabolic Factor is a 22-day weight loss program that has been designed by Dr. Jonny Bowden. This strategy for shedding off excess weight basically talks about the five pathways optimizing which can help your body rely on the IGF-1 hormone rather than insulin. In this manner, what this program does is that it alters your bodys dependence on insulin to a hormone that encourages fat burning.

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Take a deep dive into this review to see what this program is about, how it works, and what are its components. Here goes:

Metabolic Factor Review: Dont blame yourself! Its not your mistake that you have packed on so many pounds over the years. Perhaps, the only mistake that you have made is that you have trained your body to depend on insulin for energy rather than on a fat burning hormone.

Perhaps this is why all your efforts do be able to slim down have proved to be useless. What is it that you can do to shred excess weight or is it too late now? Dr. Jonny Bowdens Metabolic Factor is one program that can help you out. This system focuses on five pathways sleep, detoxification, nutrition, exercise, and stress relief, which can help you change the way your body handles fats so that you are able to finally get into the physique of your dreams.

By following The Metabolic Factor program, you no more have to run after count how many calories youre consuming in a day, go for a restrictive diet, worry about eating too many fats, or ditch your favorite carb foods like pasta. In fact, you are easily able to pop open in your fat cells and convert them into energy so that you are able to get rid of fat pockets and obesity.

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This system is based on modern fat burning science, and the claims that it makes are all scientifically correct, which is why you have no reason to doubt the approach. It comes from a trusted expert which makes it all the better.

How Does The Metabolic Factor Program Work?

Basically, the human body becomes used to of employing insulin for feeding fat cells. Now the problem here is that too much insulin in your blood stream can actually cause weight gain. How does that happen? What happens is that your body starts depending on sugar for its energy and this causes fats to get stored. When fats are accumulated overtime, you put on more and more weight.


This is where IGF-1 comes into the picture. This is a hormone that is called insulin-like growth factor. While this hormone is quite similar to insulin, one way it works differently than insulin is in how it interacts with fats. Sure, the IGF-1 hormone also feeds fat cells. But it does not lead to your body using sugar constantly for meeting its energy needs.

Instead, fats are used up. When fats are put to use, and metabolism is triggered what happens is that you are able to lose weight. it makes complete sense doesnt it? Fats are put to use for energy creation rather than being stored all the time. Furthermore, IGF-1 also feeds fat to your MAT which is metabolically active tissue. This includes important organs such as your bones, nerves, glands, and the like. When these organs are well fed, they are strengthened, and aging is also delayed.

Therefore, in a way, by following Metabolic Factor diet, what you were able to achieve is not just weight loss but overall good health.

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The Approach This Program Takes

Metabolic Factor diet plan depends on five pathways to deliver results. Below is a look at these so that you can understand exactly what this program teaches you and how you can follow it for slimming down and improving your overall health:

1. Nutrition

The first thing that this program teaches you is how you can switch your body to a fat burning mechanism by altering what you consume. The program teaches you exactly which foods you need to consume so that your body is able to produce and metaboost the production of IGF-1.

2. Sleep

Secondly, you learn how to enjoy the deep stages of sleep. When you dont sleep enough your appetite increases, your hormones dont work in a synchronized manner, and you also stress more. Furthermore, when the quantity and quality of your sleep is good, you can get and stay in the fat burning mode.

3. Stress

Stress makes you put on weight as when cortisol goes too high, it tells your body to store more fat around your waist as well as breaks down muscle and reduces the speed of metabolism. This program teaches you how you can deal with stress, rather than ignore it, so that you can optimize fat burning.

4. Detoxification

Toxins also disturbed the way fat burning hormones in your body function. They damage mitochondria which causes less energy production and oxidative stress. It also leads to premature aging along with fatigue. The Metabolic Factor blueprint teaches you how you can reduce toxic exposure and detoxify your body naturally.

5. Exercise

The last pathway of this program is how you can exercise for optimal fat loss. It talks about the right kind of exercises that can stimulate fat burning enzymes and improve hormonal functioning. These exercises get your body into the fat burning mode and get out of the sugar burning mode.

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What Do You Get With Your Purchase?

Below are the components of the Metabolic Factor book:

IGF-1 Booster Blueprint

Progress Tracker

Metabolic Factor 10-Minute Meals

Motivation Emails

Bonuses that accompany for free:

The Top IGF-1 Trigger Foods to Eat

The 5 Worst Exercise Mistakes To Avoid That Kill IGF-1

Bonus #3 The Worlds 7 Most Powerful IGF-1 Boosting Supplements

4 Personal Video Coaching Calls From Dr. Bowden

Final Verdict

Metabolic Factor program comes from an expert and focuses on weight loss. This program primarily improves your hormonal functioning by teaching you how you can reduce stress, sleep better, detoxify your body, exercise properly, and get the right amount nutrition. Currently, it is available for a discounted price of just $37. For further discounts and promo codes, visit the official website.

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