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Philippine Gunmen Kill 14 People Watching Television

December 29, 1995 GMT

BUGI, Philippines (AP) _ Fourteen people, including six children watching a video, were killed by unidentified men armed with assault rifles and machetes in a remote mountain village, police said today.

One 7-year-old boy was also critically wounded in the Thursday night slaughter in Buhi, a village in Camarines Sur province, about 190 miles southeast of Manila, police Superintendent Romeo Mapalo said.

Mapalo, police commander of nearby Albay province, said police were investigating whether the attack was in retaliation for the killing of a local landlord a few months earlier.


Corazon Gaite, whose son was among those killed, said five men forced her nephew at gunpoint to call out to her family members to come out of their house.

Instead, she turned off the lights and ducked to the floor. The men went to the neighboring home of her relatives, the Campo family, where they burst in and sprayed people watching a videotape with assault rifle fire, she said.

Her 13-year-old son, Allan, was among those killed.

Gerry Gaite, a brother of Corazon, said three of his nephews, age 6 to 13, and one sister-in-law were among the dead. An earlier report had said he lost three sons and his wife in the massacre.

Gaite said he was away from the house and rushed home after hearing gunfire.

He ran to a nearby military outpost to seek help but the troopers appeared reluctant to give any assistance, fearing they would be ambushed by the gunmen, he said.

Police officers said the Campo family’s landlord was found hacked to death several months earlier.