Tourist-weary Moab launches “Do It Like a Local” campaign

February 9, 2020 GMT

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Moab tourism officials have launched a marketing campaign that aims to blunt the negative effects of the millions of visitors who visit the southeastern Utah town each year.

Moab Area Travel Council officials say the “Do It Like a Local” campaign is meant to educate visitors on ways to practice sustainable tourism that is kinder to the environment and to the year-round residents, a ccording to The Deseret News.


A recent survey of 405 people in the community revealed that locals largely responded negatively to the effects of tourism on the town, while dismissing or understating the benefit tourism dollars bring, said Elaine Gizler, executive director of the Moab Area Travel Council.

“Over the last several years, the locals have been growing weary of all the tourism,” Gizler said.

Moab has a population of 5,000 and draws about 3 million visitors a year to the area because of its proximity to Arches and Canyonlands national parks. The area known for its stunning red rocks is a mecca for hiking, rock crawling, mountain biking and river running.

The marketing campaign will have themes such as “Pack It In, Pack It Out,” and “Don’t Bust the Crust,” telling people to stay on trails to protect the fragile soil crust that protects against erosion.

People who book travel plans to Moab should expect to see display and video intercept ads and articles on the internet before they visit. After they arrive, they’ll continue to see internet advertising and “branded” items such as table tents, street banners and vinyl window decals in Moab restaurants, bars, hotel lobbies and other local businesses.

“We are definitely trying to make a statement: We want you to come, we want you to visit here and spend time outdoors, but we also ask that you care for these public lands we have,” Gizler said.