Do you know what happened?

November 20, 2017 GMT

1. A painting by which artist sold at auction for more than $450 million? A)Vincent van Gogh B)Leonardo da Vinci C)Salvador Dali D)Bob Ross

-Da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi” sold for $450.3 million at Christie’s, a record price for a piece of art.

2. An earthquake killed over 400 people after it rattled the border of which two countries? A)Hawaii/Mexico B)Netherlands/Belgium C)Iran/Iraq D)Haiti/Dominican Republic

-Cities and villages near the Iran and Iraq border were rattled by the magnitude 7.3 earthquake that also injured over 7,000 people.

3. Colin Kaepernick is the “Citizen of the Year” in which magazine? A)The American Conservative B)Victoria’s Secret C)GQ D)Southern Cooking

-GQ named the former 49ers quarterback its “Citizen of the Year” for starting the protest that became a movement in the NFL.

4. How many Americans now are considered to have high blood pressure, based on new guidelines released this week? A)none B)almost half C)one-third D)5 out of 4

-Almost half of all Americans now have high blood pressure, according to the new guidelines, which say high blood pressure should be treated at 130/80 rather than 140/90.

5. Robert Mugabe has been removed from power by the military in a country that he’s lead for decades. What’s the name of the country? A)Zimbabwe B)South Africa C)South Carolina D)Canada

-Robert Mugabe has been president of Zimbabwe for 37 years.

6. Students at an elementary school in Northern California were saved from a gunman thanks to the efforts of a ... A)coach B)teacher C)squirrel D)custodian -The custodian at Rancho Tehama Elementary diverted the gunman’s attention long enough to help students get to safety.

7. Where is the world’s newest nation located? A)underwater B)Asia C)middle earth D)outer space

-The new nation of Asgardia is the world’s first independent country to operate in space.

8. What part of Obamacare would be repealed if the Senate’s tax reform bill becomes law? A)the individual mandate B)sex change surgeries C)the white people plans D)all of it

-GOP senators included a repeal of Obamacare’s individual mandate in the tax overhaul it released this week.

9. A trio of UCLA basketball players apologized after being accused of shoplifting while in which country? A)Antarctica B)China C)Australia D)North Korea

-College basketball players Cody Riley, LiAngelo Ball and Jalen Hill have been suspended indefinitely from the team.

10. What is Pope Francis going to do with the luxury sports car he was given this week? A)cruise weekend garage sales around Vatican City B)race it in NASCAR C)become an Uber driver D)Auction it off for charity

-The Pope signed the hood of the special edition Lamborghini Huracan, worth about $200,00, and the Vatican will auction it off, with proceeds going to three charities.