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Budget casualties announced by CCSD

July 6, 2018

LAUGHLIN — Clark County School District recently announced the latest budget reductions that ended up in more than 500 positions being cut from schools districtwide.

A total of 563 positions were cut as part of having to reduce the total budget by $68 million. Of the cut positions, 400 were teachers, 104 were support staff and 59.5 positions were administrative.

Locally, in May members of the Laughlin School Organization Team discussed this topic and made decisions of how to handle the cuts. At the time, principal Dawn Estes told SOT members the district was expecting a $68 million shortfall due to unexpected expenses. The schools would foot $47 million of that and district offices would absorb the rest, she said.

Bennett Elementary needed to cut $41,913.74 and the high school had to cut $62,812.32.

The SOT members discussed in May what their options would be to make the necessary cuts while not losing too much of what they felt is needed at the schools. In two votes, they approved cutting back from the general fund from the elementary budget and splitting the cuts between the general fund and eliminating a vacant school monitor position from the high school budget.

In breaking down the numbers for the district, the total amount reduced by high schools is approximately $17.6 million. Middle schools cut back by bout $10.7 million and elementary schools cut about $18.8 million.

In terms of positions this meant 260 schools reduced the number of licensed personnel including teaching positions; 218 schools cut back from supply budgets including funds for anything form textbooks and technology to general supplies; 82 schools made reductions to support staff personnel including office staff, custodial positions, teaching aides, etc.; 60 schools reduced site-based programs such as intervention programs and 57 schools reduced administrative personnel such as deans and assistant principals.

Due to retirements or teachers leaving the field, many positions opened up to be refilled by those who were cut. As of June 19, the district reported all the administrators, fewer than 20 support staff and fewer than five teachers have been reassigned to other openings in their respective positions. Yet even more positions remain open.

“CCSD still has almost 800 open teaching positions and we encourage teachers who are considering moving to Clark County or others interested in entering the teaching profession to join our team,” Andre Long, chief human resources officer, said in a prepared statement.

“We are heartened that we were able to reassign almost all employees affected by this reduction to open positions created by retirements and other openings,” Long said.

The district reported the situation was due to increasing employee costs and other costs that are outpacing growth in school funding.