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Articles Of Impeachment Introduced, But Given No Chance Of Passage

March 6, 1987 GMT

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Articles of impeachment charging President Reagan with misconduct in office because of his actions in the Iran-Contra affair were introduced in the House on Thursday by a Texas Democrat. But they were given virtually no chance of being approved.

The impeachment resolution was introduced by Rep. Henry B. Gonzalez, D- Texas, who also asked the House to impeach Reagan after the U.S. invasion of Grenada in 1983.

The six-article resolution accuses Reagan of violating U.S. law and of acting ″in a manner contrary to his trust as president and subversive of constitutional government.″


Specifically, it accuses Reagan of misconduct in secretly selling arms to Iran, of allegedly diverting the arms sale payments to Nicaragua’s Contra guerillas and for failing to inform congressional intelligence committees of his activities.

″The Congress must stop a president who has a heedless disregard for the constitutional responsibility of the Congress ...,″ Gonzalez said.

The articles were not expected to be approved and were not presented in a forum to be taken seriously by the House leadership.

Gonzalez made his remarks at a time in which the House had concluded its official business for the day and a handful of members were making speeches. Less than a half dozen members were on the floor at the time.

Gonzalez told reporters he decided to introduce the impeachment resolution after reading the Tower commission report on White House involvement in the Iran-Contra activities and after viewing Reagan’s address to the nation Wednesday evening.