WVC Coaches Swimming All-Stars

April 17, 2019 GMT

The Wyoming Valley Conference swimming coaches recently gathered to compile their conference all-stars and MVPs.

In Class 2A, Wyoming Seminary’s Skylar Roerig and Holy Redeemer’s Adam Mahler were named girls and boys swimming MVP respectively.

Roerig earned four PIAA medals during her sophomore season. Individually, Roerig finished seventh in the 100 freestyle and eighth in the 100 backstroke at states.

She also was part of two medal-winning relays, the 200 medley relay which finished third and the 400 freestyle relay that took fourth.

Mahler, a state champion in 2018, closed his career with two individual third-place state finishes in the 100 butterfly and 200 freestyle.

Mahler also swam on two state-qualifying relays.

In Class 3A, a pair of Hazleton Area swimmers were recognized. Marina O’Hara and Paul Flowers were named MVPs.

Flowers was a state qualifier in the 100 breaststroke. O’Hara finished second in District 2 in the 100 freestyle and fourth in the 100 backstroke.

In diving, Dallas’ Jaelyn Shaver and Meyer’s Jose River received the MVP honors in 2A.

Shaver won her second straight district championship and finished sixth at states. Rivera finished second at the district meet.

Valley West swept the Class 3A diving MVP awards. Sophia Ginocchetti and Connor Rosencrans were named MVPs.

Ginocchetti set a district record while winning her second straight District 2 title. She went on to finish 10th at states.

Rosencrans finished fifth at districts.

Also voted on by conference coaches, Dallas’ Romayne Mosier for Class 2A boys and girls, and Hazleton Area’s Michelle Yakubowski in 3A were named coaches of the year.

WVC 2A Boys All-Star Team

200 Medley Relay: 1st Team: Tunkhannock (Tidball, Henning, Mislevy, Madus) 1:42.96; Honorable Mention: Dallas (Puza, Dukinas, Bloskus, Szczecinski) 1:44.28.

200 Free: 1st team: Adam Mahler (HR) 1:42.14; Shane Szczecinski (DAL) 1:44.84; Honorable Mention: Kevin Allen (DAL) 1:54.42.

200 IM: 1st team: Dennis Dukinas (DAL) 2:04.23; Logan Kuhar (LL) 2:09.80; Honorable Mention: Rodriko Salas-Warner (SEM) 2:21.08.

50 Free: 1st team: Davis Tidball (TUN) 22.59; Nansen Wang (SEM) 22.71; Honorable Mention: Dyllan Henning (TUN) 23.38.

Diving: 1st team: Jose Rivera (Meyers) 275.75; Hunter Snay (TUN) 264.85.

100 Fly: 1st team: Adam Mahler (HR) 49.18; Dylan Mislevy (TUN) 56.97; Honorable Mention: Zach Blockus (DAL) 57.64.

100 Free: 1st team: Shane Szczecinski (DAL) 48.49; Davis Tidball (TUN) 49.79; Honorable Mention: Chris Schell (HR).

500 Free: 1st team: Nathan Tindell (SEM) 5:11.57; Jack Stout (DAL) 5:12.70; Honorable Mention: Adam Smith (HR) 5:12.75.

200 Free Relay: 1st team: Tunkhannock (Tidball, Madus, Mislevy, Henning) 1:32.10; Honorable Mention: Holy Redeemer (Mahler, Smith, Schell, Williams) 1:32.92.

100 Back: 1st team: Logan Kuhar (Lake-Lehman) 57.80; Dylan Mislevy (TUN) 59.34; Honorable Mention: Jason Puza (DAL) 1:00.32.

100 Breast: 1st team: Dennis Dukinas (DAL) 1:01.46; Dyllan Henning (TUN) 1:03.64; Honorable Mention: Colin Hill (Berwick) 1:08.99.

400 Free Relay: 1st team: Holy Redeemer (Mahler, Smith, Williams, Schell) 3:23.38; Honorable Mention: Dallas (Szczecinski, Blockus, Redmond, Dukinas) 3:23.57.

WVC 2A Girls All-Star Team

200 Medley Relay: 1st Team: Wyoming Seminary (Roerig, Federici, Dahlgren, Kolbicka) 1:47.66; Honorable Mention: Holy Redeemer (Mahler, Walting, Bucknavage, Blaum) 1:48.25.

200 Free: 1st team: Melissa Leonard (DAL) 1:55.88; Sydney Lloyd (Berwick) 1:58.00; Honorable Mention: Aviah Dahlgren (SEM) 1:59.84.

200 IM: 1st team: Emma Thomas (DAL) 2:15.96; Saskia Papsova (SEM) 2:16.10; Honorable Mention: Julia Bucknavage (HR) 2:16.84.

50 Free: 1st team: Margaret Walting (HR) 24.48; Gabby Spaciano (DAL) 25.00; Honorable Mention: Noam Wasik (SEM) 25.16.

Diving: 1st team: Jaelyn Shaver (DAL) 404.20; Mia Reinert (DAL) 351.1; Honorable Mention: Mary Strunk (HR) 311.15.

100 Fly: 1st team: Kylee Kolbicka (SEM) 57.81; Julia Bucknavage (HR) 59.01; Honorable Mention: Sydney Lloyd (Berwick) 59.93.

100 Free: 1st team: Skylar Roerig (SEM) 52.34; Kylee Kolbicka (SEM) 53.13; Honorable Mention: Noam Wasik (SEM) 54.73.

500 Free: 1st team: Melissa Leonard (DAL) 5:12.57; Aviah Dahlgren (SEM) 5:19.87; Honorable Mention: Emma Thomas (DAL) 5:21.62.

200 Free Relay: 1st team: Dallas (Spacianom Krochta, Kerrick, Leonard) 1:40.77; Honorable Mention: Wyoming Seminary (Wasik, Federici, Papsova, Jackett) 1:41.49.

100 Back: 1st team: Skylar Roerig (SEM) 57.95; Emily Mahler (HR) 1:01.03; Honorable Mention: Gabby Spaciano (DAL) 1:01.98.

100 Breast: 1st team: Margaret Walting (HR) 1:04.21; Caitlyn Blaum (HR) 1:07.97; Honorable Mention: Madi Federici (SEM).

400 Free Relay: 1st team: Wyoming Seminary (Kolbicka, Wasik, Dahlgren, Roerig) 3:34.47; Honorable Mention: Holy Redeemer (Walting, Bucknavage, Mahler, Blaum) 3:38.33.

WVC 3A Boys All-Star Team

200 Medley Relay: 1st Team: Hazleton Area (Goulstone, Flowers, Kovalick, DaGrosa) 1:40.83; Honorable Mention: Nanticoke Area (Homa, Cabonilas, Mavus, Marcella) 2:05.63.

200 Free: 1st team: Antonio Daiute (HAHS) 1:52.87; Brandon DaGrosa (HAHS) 1:56.22; Honorable Mention: Julian Homa (GNA) 2:02.31.

200 IM: 1st team: Anthony Goulstone (HAHS) 1:57.33; Ryan Kovalick (HAHS) 2:08.63; Honorable Mention: Cody Manherz (HAHS) 2:21.87.

50 Free: 1st team: Michael Marcella (GNA) 25.01; Jared Zawatski (WVW) 25.22; Honorable Mention: Zack Gregory (PA) 25.89.

Diving: 1st team: Conner Rosencrans (WVW) 241.00; Trevor Ultsh (WVW) 235.95.

100 Fly: 1st team: Paul Flowers (HAHS) 52.52; Christopher Cabonilas (GNA) 56.85; Honorable Mention: Christian Mavus (GNA) 1:03.12.

100 Free: 1st team: Thomas Pollock (HAHS) 53.05; Michael Marcella (GNA) 55.32; Honorable Mention: Zack Gregor (PA) 57.34.

500 Free: 1st team: Ryan Kovalick (HAHS) 4:52.64; Antonio Daiute (HAHS) 5:01.21; Honorable Mention: Hugo Panecati (GNA) 5:42.42.

200 Free Relay: 1st team: Hazleton Area (Goulstone, DaGrose, Daiute, Flowers) 1:31.04; Honorable Mention: Nanticoke Area (Marcella, Cabonilas, Mavus, Homa) 1:37.81.

100 Back: 1st team: Anthony Goulstone (HAHS) 54.83; Jared Zawatski (WVW) 1:00.60 ;Honorable Mention: Brandon DaGrosa (HAHS).

100 Breast: 1st team: Paul Flowers (HAHS) 58.11; Christopher Cabonilas (GNA) 1:01.55; Honorable Mention: Thomas Pollock (HAHS) 1:07.10.

400 Free Relay: 1st team: Hazleton Area (Pollock, Manherz, Daiute, Kovalick) 3:30.71; Honorable Mention: Nanticoke Area (Mavus, Panecati, Reyes, DeRocco) 3:58.64.

WVC 3A Girls All-Star Team

200 Medley Relay: 1st Team: Hazleton Area (Yannes, Platukis, Sanko, Lloyd) 2:00.82; Honorable Mention: Nanticoke Area (Fritz, Klein, Wadzin, Lehman) 2:05.63.

200 Free: 1st team: Bridget Reed (HAHS) 2:05.97; Abigail Goulstone (HAHS) 2:06. 82; Honorable Mention: Maggie Yannes (HAHS) 2:07.91.

200 IM: 1st team: Haley Sanko (HAHS) 2:26.26; Alissa Platukis (HAHS) 2:32.12; Honorable Mention: Kaleigh Klein (GNA) 2:39.75.

50 Free: 1st team: Sadie Hunsinger (HAHS) 26.83; Sarah Lloyd (HAHS) 27.25; Honorable Mention: Caitlin Lehman (GNA) 27.35.

Diving: 1st team: Sophia Ginochetti (WVW) 482.75; Libby Williams (PA) 338.90.

100 Fly: 1st team: Bridget Reed (HAHS) 1:05.10; Deanna Wadzin (GNA) 1:06.06; Honorable Mention: Olivia Norwillo (PA) 1:09.72.

100 Free: 1st team: Arina O’Hara (HAHS) 55.39; Sadie Hunsinger (HAHS) 58.53; Honorable Mention: Sarah Lloyd (HAHS) 59.02.

500 Free: 1st team: Maggie Yannes (HAHS) 5:36.04; Abigail Goulstone (HAHS) 5:41.92; Honorable Mention: Sydney Bruno-Beck (WVW) 5:53.32.

200 Free Relay: 1st team: Hazleton Area (Reed, Hunsinger, Goulstone, O’Hara) 1:45.02; Honorable Mention: Hazleton Area (Connors, Norwillo, Grieco, Hoban) 1:51.87.

100 Back: 1st team: Marina O’Hara (HAHS) 1:03.53; Stefany Malaga (HAHS) 1:09.18;Honorable Mention: Julia Fritz (GNA) 1:14.75.

100 Breast: 1st team: Alissa Platukis (HAHS) 1:14.22; Haley Sanko (HAHS) 1:15.95; Honorable Mention: Kacie Fisk (PA) 1:24.98.

400 Free Relay: 1st team: Hazleton Area (Reed, Sanko, Hunsinger, O’Hara) 3:50.02; Honorable Mention: Hazleton Area (Lehman, Klein, George, Wadzin) 4:07.71.