Backtalk: 11/14/2018

November 14, 2018

BIG SPENDERS: Massachusetts lawmakers just had to spend the surplus money as fast and they could. Every dollar had to be spent before the election. Why didn’t they just save it? If it wasn’t needed in the budget, why spend it?

Hudson, N.H.

HOT ISSUE: The city is failing to get big issues resolved because of all the time being spent on debating whether to ban plastic straws or not. Big thinkers, small minds.


SHE GAVE NOTICE: Niki Haley did a terrific job at the UN. Why did the liberal media call it a Trump shakeup when she told Trump nearly a year ago that she’d be leaving? That’s advance notice, not a shakeup.

Pelham, N.H.

MORNING ALERT: Come driving down the Lowell Connector at 4:30 a.m. and there are cones everywhere, arrows flashing, and four police cruisers parked on the road with their lights flashing. Then I see them standing by the roadside drinking coffee. No accident, no construction workers, no nothing. Is this a joke on taxpayers?


SPECIAL K: I dIdn’t see anything wrong with Kanye West having lunch with President Trump. I agree with him on everything except prison reform. But as far as the crime in Chicago, West is right. It’s out of control and the Democrats have done nothing to stop it.


SHARE THE AIR: Liberals should practice what you preach. You keep saying everyone’s opinions should be heard, but the only thing you want to hear is what you say. We all have to come to the middle and do what’s best for the country. Listen more, speak less.


SAY IT AIN’T SO?: I’m really disappointed in the American people. Half the country still voted to stand behind President Trump who is a big bully. People better wake up and throw him out of office in 2020.


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