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March 21, 2018 GMT

GREENWICH — Greenwich underwent another hard-hitting nor’easter that left heavy snow and powerful wind gusts in its wake.

The spring snow storm put the town’s emergency services on high alert once again, following two other major storms in as many weeks. Hundreds of town residents also lost power as a result of the snowfall.

Weather Channel meteorologist Greg Postel said this storm had consistently hit every section of the tri-state region. “With this storm, everybody gets it,” he said.

There will be few signs of spring like weather after the snow gets shoveled and plowed, the weather expert said. As for the coming weeks, Postel said that we won’s see any “sustained spring-like weather” anytime soon.

“The jet stream in in a weird place over the North Atlantic right now,” he said. “And that’s increasing the likelihood of below-normal temperatures.”

Local residents did their best to cope with another blast from Mother Nature.

Mike Mora always looks forward to the early days of spring, as the head coach of the Greenwich High School baseball team. Standing on a street corner in Cos Cob running errands, getting covered in snow, was not a happy feeling for him, he joked.

“This is not what I want to see. But it gives me a chance to spend time with my boys. We may do some sledding, maybe build an igloo,” he said.

Ken Irvine said he could live without an early spring snow storm, especially after the recent bouts with heavy weather.

“It’s a good day for hibernating,” he said, “And and it’s getting a little tiresome. But I’m convinced spring is coming -- it comes every year.”

In central Greenwich, busy professionals were trying to manage with another difficult scheduling problem, in the form of heavy snow and travel restrictions.

Jeremy Roenick was called in to fill for other colleagues stuck by the storm.

“’I was not supposed to work today,” said Jeremy Roenick, former professional ice hockey player and on-air personality for NBC sports, preparing for a day of work. “But our other ones that come in from other cities couldn’t make it in today.”

Roenick said he wasn’t worried about driving in the snow to Stamford Wednesday evening because he has four-wheel drive, though, he just thinks it’s funny the storms have been coming the same day every week.

“It happens every Tuesday. I was supposed to fly home (to Arizona) Wednesday after the first one,” he said. “This time I’m here anyway. It’s funny how these nor’easters are finding there way here Wednesdays… But while everyone’s watching hockey at home, I’ll be watching it from the station.”

A Columbia Business School professor, Ellen Schapps, sat at Greenwich Train Station around 10:30 a.m. trying to figure out the reduced train schedule so she could figure out when the next train arrived. Because classes were cancelled, she made other plans.

“I don’t know why they canceled school,” she said. “I’m going to visit my mom.”