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Several American flags retired in Ironton ceremony

May 21, 2019 GMT

IRONTON, Ohio — Arrick’s Propane, in partnership with the Veterans of Foreign Wars and local Boy Scout Troop 106, hosted an American flag retirement ceremony Monday morning in Ironton, Ohio.

“I think it went tremendously. We had an absolutely beautiful day for it and several dignitaries around from around the area were able to come join us for the ceremony,” Arrick’s Ironton Branch Manager Nathan Davis said.

Just one flag was retired in Monday’s ceremony due to time constraints, but Davis said enough flags to fill a pair of 30-gallon trash bags were given up for retirement by people in the community, which prompted the company to introduce a new American flag disposal box that will be available for residents to bring their American flags that are ready to be retired.


The box will be located on the outside of the building and available to the public at all times. When the box is full, Arrick’s Propane will present all of the flags to be burned in retirement.

“This was an easy idea for us because I only know of one other location to drop off old flags, and that is the VFW in Ironton,” Davis said. “This will just give another location for people to drop flags off and make sure they are retired properly.”