How well do you know Dwight Yoakam?

January 17, 2019 GMT

As many people’s favorite country musician, Dwight Yoakam has made quite the name for himself in music and acting.

The Weekender team decided to go to many sources to unearth facts that may be unknown to even this country star’s biggest fans. Did you know....

1. According to www.axs.com, Yoakam graduated from high school in Columbus, Ohio in 1974 and subsequently attended Ohio State University, majoring in psychology. He dropped out of school to pursue music in Nashville.

2. According to www.allmusic.com, Yoakam left Nashville for Los Angeles with his then music partner, guitarist Pete Anderson, when things weren’t working out for them in Tennessee. The two found themselves playing country venues as well as venues where punk and post-punk bands played. Imagine going to see Dwight Yoakam in a venue where you would usually see bands like The Butthole Surfers, The Dead Kennedys, Los Lobos, X and The Blasters! Many of these bands were influenced by the same artists Yoakam was while growing up.


3. Yoakam, according to www.countryfancast.com, made his own food line. “Dwight Yoakam’s Bakersfield Biscuit Brand” was introduced widely to the public when Yoakam made an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” The company boasts down-home treats like: Chicken Lickin’s Chicken Fries, Chicken Lickin’s Chicken Rings Afire, Chicken Lickin’s Buffalo Bites, Chicken Lickin’s Pizza Fries, Take ‘Ems Macaroni Mouth Poppers, Lanky Links Pre-Cooked Sausage, Take ‘Ems Lil’ Chicks, Take ‘Ems Lil’ Riblets, Take ‘Ems Lil’ Burgers and Take ’Ems Breakfast Burritos. We didn’t see any biscuits on the product list, though…which we find to be sort of weird.

4. Yoakam’s classic hit, “Pocket of a Clown,” was one of THIS writer’s first favorite non kid-oriented songs as a child. The melody, the rhythm and the fact it talked about a clown’s pocket really made an impact on this young mind.

5. According to www.countryfancast.com, Yoakam was named after President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

6. Yoakam hasn’t only been involved in music throughout his life. He has also been in many movies and television shows. According to www.imdb.com, Yoakam has acting credits in 36 feature films and television shows, some of which include: “Sling Blade,” “Ellen,” “King of the Hill,” “Panic Room,” “Hollywood Homicide,” “Wedding Crashers,” “Bloodworth,” “Wilfred,” “Under the Dome,” “Axe Cop,” “Drunk History,” “Goliath,” “Boomtown” and “One By One.”

7. According to www.axs.com, Yoakam bought a cowboy hat for less than $50 in 1979. He still wears the same hat to this day.


8. After being filmed for a commercial, Yoakam’s cover of Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” the release was so popular that he decided to release the song as a single, according to www.countryfancast.com

9. Although Yoakam has never been married, he has been romantically involved with the likes of Sharon Stone, Karen Duffy, Bridget Fonda and Wynona Judd, according to www.thefamouspeople.com.

10. According to www.thefamouspeople.com, his 1994 song, “Ain’t That Lonely Yet,” garnered him his first Grammy win (Best Country Vocal Performance). He then won the Grammy for Best Country with Vocals in 1999.

11. He earned his first No. 1 country single while singing “Streets of Bakersfield” with Buck Owens, according to www.countryfancast.org.

12. Yoakam, since 1986, has had 19 studio albums, 19 compilation albums, 31 singles and EPs and eight DVDs and videos, according to www.allmusic.com.

13. Gibson created a limited Yoakam-specific guitar line called Y2K, according to www.countryfancast.com.

14. Yoakam is considered to be in the “cowpunk” music scene by www.encyclopedia.com.

Want more? See Dwight at the Orpheum Theatre at 8 p.m. Jan. 18. History could be made.