Parisi: Dane County’s use of renewable energy could be template for imperiled country

November 27, 2018 GMT

Dane County’s commitment to using renewable energy could be a template for the rest of the country, in the wake of a blistering report on how calamitous climate change will be for all of us.

County Executive Joe Parisi said in a release on Monday local government leaders need to accelerate efforts to reduce carbon emissions and to turn to renewables and solar.

“The scientific debate on climate change is over,” Parisi said. “What’s left is a political debate propped up by corporations and politicians who profit from the use of fossil fuels.”

Parisi pointed to converting Dane County vehicles to compressed natural gas instead of diesel, with the gas made from composting trash at the landfill; a new bio-gas facility to fuel more county vehicles; and a huge solar panel field at the airport to generate electric power as evidence of what’s been accomplished locally.

The climate change report issued last week by the Trump administration said if changes aren’t made soon, the US faces very dire consequences, especially in the agriculture community, both environmentally and economically.

“Based on the recent news out of Washington D.C. in the past few days, it’s clearly incumbent upon us all to take the reins on the issue of climate change and demonstrate the leadership needed to mitigate the impacts of flooding, extreme heat and drought, that even the president’s administration now says will be prevalent in our future,” Parisi said.