Candidate Drops Out Of W-B Mayoral Race

March 30, 2019 GMT

WILKES-BARRE — The Democratic primary race for city mayor is back down to just two candidates.

Brian Ferry, who said he brought experience in architecture and urban planning and a vision for the city to the race, confirmed Friday that he withdrew from the race after his nomination petitions were challenged for not having enough valid signatures.

“With that in mind, it felt right to step aside,” Ferry said.

Ferry, 31, said he considered a write-in campaign but decided he “would just be getting in the way” of a major race between incumbent Mayor Tony George and challenger George Brown, and it was “not the right thing to do.”

Ferry declined to identify who challenged his nominating papers because he didn’t want to “throw them under the bus. If they want to play those political games, that’s up to them.”

Ferry said he’s not endorsing anyone for the mayoral seat because he “didn’t hear either candidate state enough about what they plan to do over the next four years. I’m not educated enough yet, but I’m excited to hear what their plans are.”

Ferry said he would welcome and encourage Brown and George to reach out to him because he’s willing to share his ideas for improving life in the city.

He also said he didn’t seek the office because he thought George or Brown would do a bad job as mayor, but because he thought his ideas would benefit the city.

Ferry said he wouldn’t rule out running for local political office in the future.

“I think I have a great skill set that loans itself to local politics,” he said.

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