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Over 50,000 Women Have Used This to Overcome Painful Sex, And Now It’s Even Better

November 26, 2019
Ashley and Audrey helping women all over the world!
Ashley and Audrey helping women all over the world!

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Imagine your reaction to a spider crawling on you. Naturally, you’d flinch without thinking about it. Now imagine having Vaginismus, the condition where involuntary muscle spasms prevent vaginal penetration, which makes things like having sex, inserting tampons, gynecological exams and conceiving children painful, and impossible without treatment. Women dealing with this often feel embarrassed, confused and alone because they don’t know what they have is a common, treatable condition.

“We recognized a need to do more than help the symptoms of vaginismus with a tool. We realized this was more than just a body thing! Hence the creation of Hope&Her,” says acting CEO, Audrey Smith. “Now women have a way to bridge hope and healing with a real human connection through our support groups.”

Hope&Her was created to treat vaginismus using a community-oriented holistic approach. Their products include an animated video series, an ebook, a private facebook community, support group, podcast and more in addition to the best selling Vaginal Trainer Set of dilators.

Hope&Her is the evolution of long-standing industry success Vaginismus.com, which has sold the Vaginal Trainer Set for over 18 years to more than 50,000 women worldwide.

“Women shouldn’t have to travel or go into debt to get back what should have been theirs all along,” says co-founder Ashley Dillard. “We give them access to a good program that’s obtainable from home.”

As a part of embracing and encouraging the Hope&Her community, Audrey and Ashley also started a podcast focused on women’s sexual health where the two discuss everything from sex, dating, marriage and more.

“As women share their wins and losses, internal healing begins. Not only will they treat their bodies, but their minds as well. Our support group meetings provide a safe place where females can be vulnerable.”

View all of Hope&Her’s products and solutions at www.hopeandher.com

California based company Hope&Her was created to help women overcome painful or impossible penetration by providing a holistic training plan without the use of drugs, surgery, or other invasive techniques. Their hope is to help empower women all over the globe to overcome vaginismus and go on to have healthy sex lives, marriages, and children.

May Treese

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