Oil and gas: Hiring contract staff on the rise in industry

July 8, 2016 GMT

Contract and temp-to-hire jobs in the energy industry are on the rise, and the overall outlook of many employment agencies is positive.

“Temp-to-hire and contract jobs are the first to come back when the industry starts recovering. Plus, the rig count is going up,” said Rich Burnett, vice president at Burnett Specialists, an employment staffing company.

Most companies do not post short- or long-term contract opportunities on their websites.

“They call us or other agencies to handle because we offer many benefits to both employees and employers,” said April Maggio, vice president of sales at TPI Employment Agency.

Many of the contract jobs TPI is seeing include technicians, maintenance, quality control, assembly, disassembly, welding, shipping and receiving, and engineering.

“For technicians, we are seeing jobs for disassembly. Disassembly involves rig maintenance. They take it apart, clean and perform maintenance, and then put it back together again. Welders are needed to re-weld the parts,” Maggio said.

Kelly Services, an employment agency, is also experiencing more contract job activity.

“In the energy industry, we are seeing more work in the field, which ultimately affects the corporate office. There is ... optimism in the energy industry, and things are beginning to move,” said Damon Gee, regional sales manager of financial resources for Kelly Services.

Kelly Services is seeing job openings for project controllers, process, structures and finance.

Those considering short- or long-term contract jobs can consider Maggio’s suggestions:

“Our clients are looking for qualified people, and people who are eager to work. Working contract and temporary jobs may be out of your comfort zone and may pay less. Yet, it will look good on your resume. You can also keep looking for a permanent position, just not while you are on the contract job,” Maggio said.

Often these contract jobs become permanent, so it is important to do a good job, be on time and be at work every day.

It also helps to volunteer for work and help where you can. Those who show their job is important, doing the best they can, and show keen interest are the ones who will be reviewed for permanent positions.

“I also suggest registering with as many employment agencies as you can. We have many clients, but we do not have them all. Continue to look at their job boards where the contract jobs are listed,” Maggio said.

Clients of these employment agencies are indicating the recovery is closing in.

“In May, most people in the energy industry were looking forward to 2018 for things to pick up. Then the ‘word on the street’ was mid-2017.

“Now we are hearing things will pick up by the end of this year and into the first quarter of 2017,” Gee said.

In addition, most employment agencies make it convenient to register with their company.

“Those interested in contract work are invited to go to our website, complete a brief form and attach a resume. We make it easy,” Maggio said.

For more information on contract jobs, visit the websites for Kelly Services at www.kellyservices.us/us/ushome, TPI Staffing, www.tpistaffing.com, and Burnett Specialists, www.burnettspecialists.com.