After-school program help children apply classroom knowledge to everyday life

September 6, 2018 GMT

Beatrice’s Water Superintendent Steve Kelley and employee Wayne Rickers came to Lincoln Elementary School to teach children the ins and outs of water infrastructure, Wednesday.

Rickers built a model of a reservoir, water tower and houses to show children how water gets to houses and how the water tower works. The presentation is part of a after-school program called Working Wednesdays provided by the Beatrice Education Foundation.

The foundation has had the after school program running for over a year. They started Working Wednesdays as part of their program to help students see how their coursework applies to everyday life.


“The schools got ahold of Tobias (Templemeyer) and they wanted to do this session on water,” Kelley said. “So they’re going to be talking about water for a few weeks so they wanted us to show them how a water tower works.”

They will be taking their model around to Paddock Lane and Stoddard the following Wednesdays to show how water towers work.

The first Working Wednesday featured Huls Towing. The students were learning about pulleys and hydraulics so Huls brought in a tow truck and a car to show children how pulleys and hydraulics can be used in real life. Working Wednesday started as a way to give children a chance to see what they are learning about up close, it is also becoming a way for children to see potential jobs.

“I think kids need to understand that there is a variety of career options available,” said Doris Martin, Beatrice Educational Foundation Director. “Sometimes I think schools really focus on that, go to college, be a teacher, be a doctor, but there are a ton of other jobs available, to introduce them to those.”

There has been an increase in attendance this year. According to Martin the program has at least doubled since last year. The after school program runs every day of the week, Working Wednesdays are usually once a month. Children who are eligible for free or reduced lunches can attend at no charge, while other children can attend for $10 a day or $40 a week.