Thanksgiving is not forgotten by family

November 20, 2018 GMT

Thanksgiving in my family is a big holiday that must be celebrated.

The rules are the person with the biggest house is the host and everyone must bring a dish to share. Even those who are unable to attend due to work get at least a plate of food brought to them.

My family is huge on both my mother’s and father’s sides, but, thankfully, they do not get together for this event. My mother’s family is the side that goes all out for the occasion. We try to include as many people as we can to our festivities; a few games used to also be added, but due to a growing family, we just do not have the room.


To give people a brief description of my Thanksgiving, it is people everywhere. Every room has some sort of table to eat at with any football game playing on the TV. Family from several different towns come and greets everyone. Kids scramble around until everyone arrives, or those who do not have their food fully prepped finish doing so. Conversation roars through the house, and blissful chaos makes everyone feel at home.

When so much preparation and anticipation goes into one holiday, I tend to get irritated when people skip over the occasion. Even now there are a few people in my school who started playing Christmas music at the beginning of October. It did not take long before I made a deal that I will allow it the week of Thanksgiving, but not anytime sooner. Halloween also deserves to have its time in the spotlight, but it does not really need help with that.

Our society makes it nearly impossible to focus on one holiday at a time. The day before Halloween I went into the store, and it was covered with Christmas decorations. Those stores that do not decorate are seen as less festive.

In order for society to add the recognition Thanksgiving deserves, we all need to change.

Thanksgiving, although why it’s celebrated is controversial, should get more attention. With so much social media and distractions, it is hard to get a break nowadays. My family is one of the few in town that still eats all together at the table with no phones. Getting about ten-plus families all together to attempt to do the same seems impossible. Unlike most families, we teens are pretty good at keeping off our phones; more often than not, it is the adults that cannot help but peek at their phones.

Christmas is most famous for the fact that everyone gets gifts, but Thanksgiving is just about coming together. In order to help Thanksgiving, we need to change our mindset. Instead of looking forward to just the gifts, we need to see that coming together and just having a meal is a blessing.

Thanksgiving has always been a big holiday in my family, but it does not always have to be just family who we spend it with. We, as a society, should take time away from our phones and spend it with family and friends.