Tim Clark went from the bleachers at Richmond to running NASCAR.com

April 20, 2018

Tim Clark watched NASCAR races from the grandstands at Richmond Raceway as a kid.

“I remember vividly I met Richard Petty, who was my ultimate sports hero,” Clark said. “I was too starstruck to even ask for an autograph. I just stood there with eyes wide open and my jaw dropped to the floor.”

Now it’s his job to bring the sport’s newest stars to fans, in the newest ways.

Clark, who graduated from Atlee High, is the vice president of NASCAR digital media, the arm of the sport that controls everything digital.

His path to his current job took him through the Army and Circuit City, though his first job after the Army was at The Times-Dispatch, where he worked in the advertising department running ads to clients to get their approval.

“In a weird twist of fate, I think I was replaced by the internet,” Clark said with a laugh.

Now, the internet is his livelihood.

He is responsible for NASCAR’s apps, fantasy games and digital productions. He said the sport’s products are designed to complement the TV viewing experience or to keep fans up-to-date if they’re not near a television on Saturday night.

His team also is pushing the envelope on how race day can be experienced.

“Our goal in the short-term is to put a 360-degree camera inside a car and let fans have that experience,” he said. “That’s something we’re working towards.

“Imagine putting yourself in Ryan Blaney’s car, and seeing just how close he gets to the wall, or how close the car behind him is. It will bring a new perspective.”

Clark said he is at the track sporadically, but he never misses a race in Richmond, where he has fond memories of attending races with his dad, Tom.

“It’s really rewarding to see things come full circle,” he said.