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Officers pick up hidden child’s bike

April 28, 2017 GMT

A caller informed the Whitefish Police Department that a children’s bike had been stashed near a patio on Hospital Way. Officers retrieved the bike.

An empty cargo utility trailer was reported stolen off Monterra Avenue.

A man who originally believed his wallet was just misplaced called police after discovering someone had used one of the cards. He changed the wallet’s status to stolen.

A Somers Avenue resident called police about an ongoing problem with barking dogs in the neighborhood. Officers discovered four different dogs in the yard in question, with a doggy door allowing them to go in and out freely. Officers were unable to make contact with the owner of the vocal pooches.

A Crestwood Drive resident called to report some “illegal trash piles” allegedly left out in front of another property. The caller was concerned because of bears in the area.

The Kalispell Police Department responded to reports of a fuel spill on U.S. 93 North.

The Columbia Falls Police Department responded to reports of a power lines emergency on Veterans Drive.