Dan Coats talked to John Kelly about memo concerns: Report

February 2, 2018

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats met with White House Chief of Staff John Kelly about the possible release of the memo concerning alleged abuses in the justice system, The Washington Post reported.

Mr. Coats was concerned about classified information in the memo being released publicly, as well as five other FBI officials who also spoke with Mr. Kelly earlier this week about similar concerns.

The FBI officials were primarily worried about the exposure of sources and methods, which Republicans on the House intelligence committee, who voted for the memo’s release, say has already been checked and accounted for. The FBI did have the opportunity to review the memo, but said in a public statement that the agency was still concerned about the accuracy of the memo.

The memo, written by Rep. Devin Nunes, a California Republican who chairs the House intelligence committee, alleges abusive practices within the justice system in order to obtain warrants on Trump campaign aides. The committee voted to release the document on Monday, but President Trump has the final word on whether it will be released. He has until Monday to make a decision.