Ecuador’s president-elect warns Assange to avoid politics

April 6, 2017

QUITO, Ecuador (AP) — Wikileaks founder Julian Assange may have narrowly escaped eviction from Ecuador’s embassy in London but he has some work to do building trust with his new host.

President-elect Lenin Moreno on Thursday reminded Assange that as a condition for the asylum granted him in 2012 he’s not allowed to meddle in politics.

The stern warning was in response to Assange’s celebrating the results of Sunday’s presidential runoff with a blast on Twitter at losing candidate Guillermo Lasso, who had pledged to evict the Australian within 30 days of taking office. Moreno said he would allow Assange to stay.

“I cordially invite Lasso to leave Ecuador within 30 days,” Assange wrote, alluding to allegations the banker had stashed money abroad.

Assange later apologized but blamed Lasso for starting the feud.