Self-defense shall not be infringed

January 24, 2019

The Oregon Legislators that introduced Senate Bill 501 have undoubtably read the United States Constitution and are aware that the Second Amendment affirms the God-given right to self-defense with a weapon “shall not be infringed.”

SB501, if passed, will require a permit to buy a gun, mandatory trigger locks, limited-capacity magazines, background checks before buying ammo and more. It is an infringement, on steroids.

We expect our government to protect our rights, but here we have some rogue politicians proposing to run roughshod over the fundamental right of self-defense. It is instructive to remember that our rights are not given to us by our government or even by our Constitution, they are God-given and cannot be disregarded.

It doesn’t take much thought to realize that if these men are capable of ignoring the Constitution about something as fundamental as self-defense, they have the capacity to ignore other rights as well. Men like this should not hold positions of trust.

I urge you to contact both your own and other Oregon legislators to inform them that we will not tolerate this unconstitutional bill.

Henry Stevens

Myrtle Creek