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A Lot Less Goldman, Please

May 22, 2019 GMT

The editor in charge of the Opinion page(s) of the Sentinel & Enterprise appears to be constantly on guard for statements in our letters to the editor that we cannot prove to be true. While this is a commendable practice, it appears to be wholly inconsistent with the practice of printing articles by persons such as Michael Goldman whose material may contain a trifle of fact somewhere in its content, is mostly pure garbage aimed at dirtying the reputation of a duly-elected president of the United States.

It seems to me that there is enough of that kind of factual misreporting done in Associated Press byline articles that there is no need for you to help out those who appear to be against anything conservative in nature, unless, of course, Mr. Goldman’s sponsors pay you to publish his stuff. I would appreciate seeing less of his stuff in my newspaper.


Herschel Jones