Police looking for restaurant burglar in Stamford

May 15, 2019 GMT

STAMFORD — Burglary investigators say they are getting ready to release surveillance tape of a man who attempted to break into two Stamford restaurants on consecutive mornings this week.

The attempted burglaries occurred early Tuesday morning at Murphy’s Townhouse Cafe on Franklin Street and on Wednesday morning at Zody’s 19th, which is on the E. Gaynor Brennan Golf Course.

“It appears to be the same suspect in both break-ins,” said Sgt. Sean Scanlan. “We have pretty good video and we hope to get some cooperation from the public and get this guy’s name so we can move forward from there.”


According to surveillance tapes and other evidence investigators looked at, it appears that the burglar was unable to take anything of value from either restaurant.

Scanlan said the suspect was able to get into Zody’s through a rear bathroom window Wednesday morning. But because there was nothing in the cash register or anything valuable for the man to steal, he left the restaurant without taking anything.

On Tuesday morning the man got into the rear of Murphy’s Townhouse and tried to open a freezer, but was unsuccessful, Scanlan said.

Scanlan said police were working to release a video of the suspect later on Wednesday.