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Letter: Limit sale of semi-automatics

November 15, 2017 GMT

To the editor,

Donald Trump has blamed the semi-automatic massacre of 26 people in Texas on the actions of a mentally disturbed shooter.

If that’s the case, it might be a good idea to mandate that mental stability tests are administered to every one of the millions who own semi-automatic weapons in the United States.

Who knows when one of them is going to snap and decide to carry out a vendetta against a teacher who failed him in chemistry, a boss who docked his pay or a pastor who stole his wife.

When people buy one of these semi-automatics, they might pass all the mental tests, but two days later they could go on a killing spree.

The real answer is to limit the sale of semi-automatic weapons to law enforcement agencies and the military.

Detractors would say that “bad people” will still find ways to buy them. That’s probably true, but it would still result in a sharp reduction of shooting deaths.

How many more murders must we endure so someone can get a thrill out of squeezing off rounds from a semi-automatic weapon?

Credit U.S. Sen. Christopher Murphy of Connecticut for taking a lead role in fighting the gun lobby. He’s seen the tragedy of a deranged man spraying bullets at children and staff at Sandy Hook School in Newtown.

The death tolls would have been far, far less if shooter Devin Kelley and Adam Lanza had not been using semi-automatic weapons.

Richard Lee

North Stamford