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Lee and Whiteside County property transfers: June 2, 2018

June 1, 2018 GMT

Whiteside County property transfers recorded the week of May 21:

Warranty deeds

• Tom L. Felder Jr. to Joseph A. Alden and Sandra L. Felberg, 12740 Lawrence Road, Sterling, $145,000.

• Laurie J. Sandoval and Bradley K. Schueler to Rocky F. and Darcie L. McGowan, 3308 E. 15th St., Sterling, $359,000.

• Terry L. Wolf to Lawrence L. and Joyce A. Baer, 1418 N. Ridge Drive, Rock Falls, $15,000.

• Mario and Dorothy S. Montanez to David S. Barajas Sr., 213 Second Ave., Rock Falls, $20,000.

• Triple W Properties to Bruce L. and Melody L. Vandrew, 1413 W. 20th St., Sterling, $149,000.

• Pascual and Maria E. Miranda to Joshua R. Mossholder, 701 Griswold Ave., Sterling, $72,000.

• Theresia L. Burman to Leanne S. Stock, 211 Cedar St., Morrison, $57,000.

• Sara Johnson to Coral L. Minge, 7800 Cordova Road, Erie, $106,900.

• Jeremy S. and Gayla Raser to Prophetstown Township, 113 High St., Prophetstown, $55,000.

• New Life Lutheran Church to Richard J. Nelson, 2107 Steven St., Rock Falls, $78,000.

• Rex and Ann Lasson to Classic Homes, doing business as Starr Coleman, 405 12th Ave., Sterling, $75,000.

• Shelly J. Price, now Litherland, to Nathan and Nicole Hinman, 1105 N. Lime St., Albany, $149,000.

• Charles A. and Lindsey M. Milem to Aaron M. McLaughlin, 210 Lakeside Drive, Erie, $165,000.

• Federal National Mortgage to Bobby A. Martin, 8039 Hazel Road, Morrison, $180,000.

• Ricky Pope, William Pope and Arthur D. Pope Estate to Dustin J. Zigler, 1419 Bennett Drive, Rock Falls, $53,000.

• OSNB custodian, Weston J. Courier Roth IRA to Mary J. LeGrand Trust, two parcels on Hazel Road in Sterling, $45,000.

• River Cities Rentals LLC to Justin and Amy Hayton, 1403 Ninth St., Fulton, $69,900.

• Citizens First Bank to Timothy J. Hnilica, 3920 W. Rock Falls Road, Rock Falls, $173,000.

• U.S Bank to Logan Malmberg, 504 E. Eighth St., Rock Falls, $11,800.

• Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 1501 Lynn Blvd., Sterling, $78,134.90.

• Brook A. and Shane M. Boyson to Jenna and Kevin L. Schipper, 714 Ninth Ave., Fulton, $140,000.

• Susan M. Bertolozzi to Jim L. Stites, 1901 14th Ave., Rock Falls, $39,900.

• SBJ Enterprises LLC to Larry G. and Mary R. McCormick Trust, 205 E. Third St., Rock Falls, $210,000.

• Dustin and Shelby L. Coit, formerly known as Tiesman, to Corey Charles and Nicole Christine Marie Wurster, 919 Ninth Ave., Fulton, $135,000.

• James R. Glazier to Kyle and Jamie Ruiz, 2203 11th Ave., Sterling, $107,000.

• Wayne R. and Alzada G. Wachholz to Faith Walter and Linda Stoinski, 630 E. Third St., Prophetstown, $0.

• Blaeco Properties LLC to Robert G. Culbertson, 412 W. Second Ave., Lyndon, $25,000.

Quit claim deeds

• William L. VanHorne to Nicholas and Gretchen Massey, 1012 Leroy Ave., Rock Falls, $0.

• Juan A. Davila to Candice A. Davila, 1312 Fourth Ave., Sterling, $0.

• Tara L. Yanes to Daniel J. Yanes, 600 First Ave., Rock Falls, $0.

• Betty S. Meenen to Bradley J. Meenen, 214 Third Ave., Rock Falls, $40,000.

• Jeffrey J. Saathoff to John J. Saathoff, two parcels in Coloma Township, $0.

• Judith L. Cady to Michael P. and Janice R. Cady, 15582 Bishop Road, Morrison, $0.

• Cindy L. Barton to David A. Barton, 504 Third Ave., Rock Falls, $0.

Trustee’s deeds

• Elsie Holesinger Trust to Drake Chase, 501 Eighth Ave., Fulton, $19,000.

• Linda K. Bruce Trust to Shane M. and Fantasy Ernst, 1009 Locust St., Sterling, $236,000.

• Raymond J. and Thelma M. Dykstra Trust to Michael K. and Lois J. Kauffman, 1009 Seventh Ave., Fulton, $130,000.

• Dolores G. Friday Trust to Gary L. Lewison Trust, 1824 First Ave., Sterling, $0.

Executor’s deed

• William C. Weaver Estate to Mary Rachel Weaver, 9180 Mineral Road, Fenton, $93,000.

Judge’s deed

• Whiteside County circuit judge and Jerry Allen Jones Estate to city of Rock Falls, 1200 W. 15th St., Rock Falls, $0.


• Derrick and Bridget Maupin to Jeremy S. and Gayla Raser, 201 W. Second St., Tampico, $115,001.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office

Lee County property transfers recorded the week of May 21:

Warranty deeds

• Catherine Seiler and the late Michael J. Poland to Ian M. Picurro, block 3, lot 21, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

• Ashli and Robert Rhynes to Atenodoro and Delia Garcia, block 17, lot 77, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $4,500.

• Christine L. and Ronald A. Shaw to Brooks J. and Carol Ann DeBruhl, block 29, lot 338, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,000.

• Jeffrey J. and Jill A. Hearne to Michelle and Richard Denton, block 10, lot 179, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $46,000.

• Jason and Tammy Lahman to Lois E. and Samuel K. Dean, 326 N. Spring St., Franklin Grove, $65,000.

• Stepheni D. and Troy D. Chandler to Christina L. and Gregory R. Hull, one parcel in Lee Center Township, $276,000.

• Constance R. Beeson, formerly known as Constance R. Pankhurst II, Tamara A. Conley, Thomas E. Foster III, William M. Foster, Jennifer R. Kellogg, and James W. Pankhurst III to Amanda J. Curia, 834 N. Dement Ave., Dixon, $64,000.

• Michael E. and Richelle J. Devenney to John C. and Pamela M. Conrad, block 24, lot 113, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $7,300.

• Ken Humennyj to CLS Consulting Group Inc., block 5, lot 33, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $14,500.

• Louis and Lydia Zamora to Helen P. and Michael J. Moran, block 11, lot 220, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $6,000.

• Bernadeta and Stanislaw Szcech to Laura A. and Matthew S. Bilben, block 24, lot 15, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $6,500.

• Ralph Dykstra Trust, Ralph Dykstra, trustee, to Michelene J. and Thomas M. Meersman, block 23, lot 199, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $8,000.

• Lydia A. and Wayne H. Kedzie to Erik M. and Nicole K. Kedzie, 1818 Quail Hollow Road, Steward, $200,000.

• Classic Investments LLC to Gerardo Aceves Aguilar and Magdaleno Rivera, 91143 Paw Paw Road, Paw Paw, $129,000.

• Karen L. Butts to Alexis M. Klenz, 430 S. Lincoln Ave., Dixon, $52,500.

• Richard W. Hann to McKenney Group LLC, 624 N. Galena Ave., Dixon, $50,000.

• Todd Anthony Mondlock to Micah Hey, 909 Ann Ave., Dixon, $92,000.

• Gordon N. and Peggy A. Rhodes to Ronald D. McCartney, 210 W. Pearl St., Amboy, $79,900.

• Roger A. White Trust, Roger A. White, trustee, to Gordon N. and Peggy A. Rhodes, 1002 Ogletree Terrace, Dixon, $79,900.

• Midwest Tulsa Property Inc. to Maribel Blanco, block 10, lot 38, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $3,700.

• ETrade Bank LLC to Laura E. and Nathan L. Cassens, 416 state Route 2, Dixon, $105,000.

• Midwest Tulsa Property Inc. to Elva and Mario Robles, block 29, lot 52, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,000.

• Midwest Tulsa Property Inc. to David and Patricia Granado, block 22, lot 106, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $4,100.

Quit claim deeds

• Donald Shaffer to Diane L. Mesko, formerly known as Diane L. Shaffer, block 26, lot 199, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

• Todd A. and Teresa Domonkos Blissmer to Richard Artz, block 17, lot 198, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $2,750.

• Dale L. Merriman to Candy L. Jonsson, 622 W. Chestnut St., Compton, $0.

Trustee’s deeds

• James W. Pankhurst to Constance R. Pankhurst Trust Number 88, Constance R. Pankhurst, trustee, 1316 U.S. Route 52, Amboy, $0.

• William J. McEniry Revocable Trust, William J. McEniry, trustee, to Kelly and Tim Henert, 1002 N. Fourth St., Ashton, $140,000.

• James E. and Janelle F. Delhotal Revocable Living Trust, James E. and Janelle F. Delhotal, co-trustees, to JDS Business Group LLC, 908 and 910 W. Seventh St., Dixon, $44,800.

• Larry G. and Mary R. McCormick Living Trust, Larry G. McCormick, trustee, to Brett and Julie A. Nicklaus, 462 Mead Road, Dixon, $8,000.

Executor’s deed

• The late Lurieta A. Partington, Amy L. Kuperus, independent executor, to Michael P. Partington, 1310 W. Second St., Dixon, $56,000.

Transfer on death instrument

• Linda Erdmeier to James A. Erdmeier, 1311 Bonnie Ave., Dixon, $0.

Tax deeds

• Lee County Clerk to Midwest Tulsa Property Inc., block 10, lot 38; block 29, lot 52; and block 22, lot 106, all at Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Sheriff’s deed

• Lee County Sheriff and Geri C. Scaturro to Wells Fargo Bank, 234 Maple St., Paw Paw, $0.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office