Swamp Filling Up Instead Of Draining

April 15, 2018 GMT

Editor: President Trump has claimed that he will “drain the swamp,” which seemingly represents a crusade against well-funded special interests that seek to advance their own greedy agendas. But given the current political climate of deregulation, the opposite has been happening. The doors are being swung open for corporate interests to pursue profit in the absence of regulations put into place to protect people and the environment. There is no better example of this sad irony than Scott Pruitt, Trump’s appointee to head the Environmental Protection Agency. Pruitt has no academic background in environmental science, biology, or anything else that would support his credibility as the leading protector of the environment. To the contrary, Pruitt has a long history of opposing environmental regulations in order to advance the cause of industries that are responsible for pollution. He is the absolute worst person to head the EPA. And now it has become clear that, aside from setting out to completely undermine the mission of the EPA, Pruitt has been utilizing his position in order to line his and his friends’ pockets with taxpayer money. The installation of Scott Pruitt as director of the EPA was the result of his being recommended for the position by the Republican Party. Republicans have spent the past 50 years arguing against the government’s rightful role as a regulator. The characterization of deregulation as the draining of a “swamp” is completely warped reasoning. If the swamp needs to be drained, then at very least the void should not be filled with sewage. And, by the way, an actual swamp where the quality of the water is protected serves a vital environmental role within the chain of living things here on Earth. David Wasilewski HUNLOCK CREEK