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HOSA prepares students for careers in medical field

January 31, 2017 GMT

HOSA, Health Occupations Students of America, gives students a chance to practice health procedures and learn about health-related topics.

Being in HOSA aids students in their health sciences instruction.

Scottsbluff High School is one of 25 high schools in the state to be members of the association.

The 2016-2017 school year was the second year HOSA has been offered at the school.

Betty Anderson, health sciences instructor at Scottsbluff High School, said there are 52 students in HOSA. Juniors and seniors in HOSA are able to go to state competition.

Fourteen juniors and seniors are preparing for state HOSA competition which will be held in Kearney March 20-21.

Anderson said at the state competition last year students won in all but two competitions that they competed in.

Eleven students also competed in national competition.

“I have several students who are competing in the same competitions that they did last year with the goal to place better or to keep that first place,” Anderson said.

Anderson said the students who have hands-on skills spend a lot of time after school all the way up to evening hours with Anderson so they can win at state.

Anderson said there are several different categories students can compete in through HOSA.

Some of what SHS students are doing is First Aid/ CPR, health career display, medical math, human growth and development and nutrition.

Scottsbluff High School will also have a HOSA bowl team this year which is something new.

Anderson said the girls who compete in the First Aid/CPR category are an aggressive group that would like to take first, second and third place at the state competition.

This past year, Rachel French, junior at Scottsbluff High School, was recognized for receiving first place in medical photography at the state competition and winning the first round at nationals.

Nebraska Commissioner of Education Matthew Blomstedt and Lt. Governor Mike Foley recognized the Nebraska Career Education students who received first, second and third place or finalist awards in national leadership and skills competitions this past November.

“It really shocked me. I didn’t expect to do as well as I did,” French said. “It was definitely overwhelming at first since I have did that well in school. It definitely showed me what I am capable of doing.”

French said she got involved in HOSA because it was an opportunity that came to her and when she realized all that she could do it sparked her attention. She said she loves what she is doing.

French said HOSA has opened her eyes to all of the careers in the medical field.

She plans on being a paramedic in the future.

Myela Garcia, senior at Scottsbluff High School, said of the competition that she didn’t realize how big of a deal it was when she received first place in the CPR/First Aid category with Hannah Balandran.

She realizes this year will be different.

“I feel like there will be more competition just because there are more kids that want it, too. I feel like we have to step it up this year if we want it again,” Garcia said.

Anyone who places first, second, or third in state competition is able to go onto national competition.

Anderson said certain competitive events that involve teamwork involves a lot of communication and working together.

Knowing what the other person is doing is also important. While they are practicing different items they have to practice their communication skills.

“It’s also about speaking up, being heard and understanding. Good communication is the key to success,” Anderson said.