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Mother Superior At Carmelite Monastery Breaks Four Day Vow Of Silence

October 24, 1988 GMT

MORRIS TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) _ The embattled mother superior of a Carmelite monastery said Monday there will be no more attempts to persuade five rebel nuns to end nearly three weeks of isolation in the infirmary.

The five cloistered nuns locked themselves in the infirmary Oct. 4 to forestall eviction by the Diocese of Paterson, which has since accused the sisters of being disobedient. The nuns oppose attempts by their prioress, Mother Teresa Hewitt, to modernize life at the 13-member community by introducing such things as television, radio and candy.

The five have vowed not to end their vigil until they hear directly from the Vatican, where the sisters have appealed the diocese’s order that they vacate the monastery.

On Monday, Mother Teresa broke four days of silence by issuing a statement that said ″there will be no more news on the issue of Carmel of Morristown until a decision is sent to us by the Vatican.″

The prioress and the five sisters agreed last Thursday to observe a period of prayer and reflection over the weekend after two and a half weeks of intense scrutiny from reporters from as far away as Italy.

Sister Eliane, a nun at the monestary who is not involved in the dispute, said that the five are still locked in the infirmary but that they are well provided for.