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Transformation: Singer becomes songwriter for latest project, Anemone

March 15, 2019

Singer and songwriter Chloe Soldevila’s newest project, Anemone, fell into place.

The project started about four years ago, when Soldevila felt it was time to write for herself. She returned to her home in Montreal to write, and there she met musicians who would become the backbone of her band.

“It started with something I wanted to do, but I was kind of scared for it because I didn’t know where to start,” Soldevila said. “I had never written anything in my life before, basically. And then at some point, I just realized you didn’t need to be, I thought you had to be like a superhero or something to write a song, and then I realized that you didn’t. You just had to do it, and it was super-relieving when I started doing it, when I felt like I was able to do it.”

Anemone performed its new music live before heading into the studio to record its recently released album, “Beat My Distance.”

Anemone will perform at Sister bar on Monday, March 18. (Courtesy of Maya Fuhr)

“We played them live a lot before going into the studio,” Soldevila said. “But that really kind of helped shaping the songs, and I think that’s why we enjoy playing them live so much, just to kind of build them up together. And we did record the album live off the floor, as well. That was really interesting. We did some overdubs and some work in the studio, but mainly it was recorded live with the band in the same room, which is really fun, so I think that’s a really important part of the process.”

Fans can hear the song “Memory Lane” from the album and view its video on the band’s Facebook page, facebook.com/anemonelovesyou.

“It means a lot of things, but in a relationship when you feel like the relationship is over and there’s nothing else that you can do to save it and it’s because the other person hurt you and they’re still pushing it to fix it but you can’t. ... And then the music video, well, it’s a video I shot where my dad lives, and it kind of depicts a summer day in Eastern Townships in Quebec, which I really love, but that’s why it has this nostalgic feel. It’s all about the past.”

Soldevila had mixed feelings about the new album until it was released in February.

“It’s been done for a little while now, so I hated it for a while. I really, really hated it, and I was just so mad that it wasn’t coming out,” she said. “And then when it came out, all of a sudden it took all of its meaning. All the meaning came back. I thought I really accomplished what I needed to accomplish in terms of what I was trying to share. I think we’re all really happy with the results. It all makes sense again. So we’re all really happy. I’m so happy. It’s really great.”


With Video Age and The Blank Tapes

WHEN: 8 p.m. Monday, March 18

WHERE: Sister, 407 W. Central

HOW MUCH: $5 advance, plus fees at holdmyticket.com