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Trump is last hope for our nation -- Timothy Rookey

March 21, 2019

If the Democratic Party continues on its current radical course, President Donald Trump will be re-elected in a landslide in 2020. The party of open borders and infanticide will not win the hearts of the American people in the next election.

With so many illegal aliens crossing our southern border this year, the president was correct to issue a national emergency declaration to stem this invasion. Many human traffickers, gang members and drug dealers sneak into our nation along with those just seeking a better life. We need to control who is allowed to enter our country.

The Democrats in Congress have no concern for the safety of our citizens. Nor do they care about the right to life of the unborn right up until birth -- not even the babies who survive an abortion. This party of intolerance and godlessness deserves a disastrous defeat at the polls next year. I fear for the future of this nation if the Democrats ever win the presidency again.

I thank God every day for President Trump’s defense of our national sovereignty and our religious liberties. His election gave us one last chance to turn this country around before it’s too late.

Timothy Rookey, Middleton

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