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NGage welcomes new board members

February 21, 2019 GMT

The NGage economic development group elected two new members to its board at its annual meeting Tuesday.

Traci Garnett-Froscheiser and Erin Dorn were elected to serve on the board.

Andrea Schafer, who has also served as the board president of NGage since its inception, was reelected to the board and will serve as board president for another year.

Walker Zulkoski, executive director of NGage, said the group’s bylaws stipulate that the group must have an annual meeting where members are elected.

NGage board members serve for three-year terms.

Board members whose terms were up in 2019 included Schafer and Patrick Ratigan, who both represented Beatrice, and Steve Hovendick, who represented the county.

Additional members of the NGage Board of Directors are Darin Baehr, Karen Stohs, Erich Tiemann, Robert Morgan, James Lenners, Dennis Rosene and Matt Morrissey.

Tiemann and Morgan represent the Gage County Board of Supervisors and Beatrice City Council on the board. As the two main financial contributors to NGage, the two governing bodies each have a seat on the board.

At the meeting, NGage also presented its annual report.

Zulkoski said the annual report provides an overview of NGage’s projects from the last year and is a chance to highlight the group’s achievements.

“It’s probably good for all of us,” Zulkoski said. “We put our heads down and work all the time and there are all these little successes, and even if it’s a big success, it’s back to work the next day and you don’t think about how it all adds up. For us, when you do this annual report and do all these successes in print, you see how it really adds up.

“To hand this over to our community partners, it really quantifies those little successes we’ve had for an entire year and is fun to reflect on it and hand it to people and say these are all very concrete, substantial things that happened in one year.”

NGage has historically held a business recognition event where its members are recognized by NGage and community leaders.

The recognition event was held after the annual meeting Tuesday evening, with a presentation by Erica Estrada, a Senior Consulting Analyst with Newmark Knight Frank out of the Dallas area.

“Companies from all over will hire her to find the next location where they’ll build at,” Zulkoski said. “She (talked) to us about the site selection process and what they look for in terms of workforce, education income factors and how they make decisions.”

During her time at the Fort Worth Chamber, Erica participated in projects that have secured 2.7 million square feet of building space, $1.5 billion in capital investment and over 2,000 jobs resulting in approximately $121 million of annual payroll.