Audrina Patridge gets tattoo in honour of her daughter

September 7, 2017 GMT

Audrina Patridge has got a tattoo in honour of her daughter.

The 32-year-old television personality has paid tribute to her 14-month-old child Kirra - who she has with her husband Corey Bohan - by getting “some ink” on the right side of her rib cage for her only child to prove how much she loves her.

The ‘The Hills’ star shared an image of her sprawled out on the table as she was going under the needle on her Instagram account, which she captioned: “It was time to get some ink for my baby girl, she means the world to me (sic).”

And the reality star turned to her “amazing brother in law” and tattoo artist Kyle Loza to perfect the body art at his tattoo parlour named Renaissance Studios in California, America.


Her post continued: “And what better person to do it than my amazing brother in law @kylelozansd (sic).”

Although it is not known exactly what tattoo Audrina opted for, she has hinted the permanent pattern has an astrological theme.

Audrina concluded her post with the hashtag: ”#kirrayouremymoonandstars (sic).”

Kyle also took to social media to tease the news he was working with Audrina on the tattoo, as he uploaded a similar image to the American star onto his photo-sharing site.

A photograph of the dark-haired hunk crouched beside Audrina etching the tattoo into her skin was captioned: “Guess who ?? (sic).”

Audrina welcomed Kirra into the world in June last year and the star has continually taken to social media to gush about the youngster.

One image of the mother and daughter cosied up to one another, was captioned: “My heart (sic).”

Whilst another image of Kirra read: “forever mine love this little one so much! (sic).”