Care/Share prepares to feed families for Christmas

November 26, 2017 GMT

Christmas is a time of giving and this year is no different as the Care/Share food pantry of Coldspring is planning to supply needy families with a Christmas dinner to help get through the holidays.

According to Care/Share President Vicki Jowell, the pantry has worked diligently throughout the recent disaster of Hurricane Harvey.

“After the storm, we were the only disaster site in San Jacinto County,” she said.

The pantry received donations from the Houston Food Bank and has remained busy since September to help provide for the needy citizens of San Jacinto County.

“We are doing our gift of produce,” said Jowell.

The gift of produce is scheduled for Dec. 2 at the Jones Auditorium. The time is not yet determined.

Care/Share is also providing food for needy families throughout their scheduled days every Monday and Saturday.

“We are trying to provide chickens for all of our families for Christmas,” said Jowell.

Jowell says the pantry can use donations to help provide for families.

“We can always use peanut butter and jelly,” she said.

Preferred donations are those that are shelf stable such as canned goods, boxes of foods such as macaroni and cheese and other items. Frozen chickens are also welcome.

“The clients that come in, they can come get food every 30 days,” said Jowell.

Those who wish to receive food from Care/Share need to prove they are residents of San Jacinto County. Residents also must inform Care/Share of how many individuals are in their family.

Chickens can be received from Care/Share starting with the first Monday in December.

Care/Share is located at 21 Butler St, Coldspring, Texas 77331. The pantry is open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Monday and Saturday. For more information, call 936-653-2001.