Bryce Dallas Howard reveals she was competitive with Chris Pratt

June 21, 2018 GMT

Bryce Dallas Howard became competitive with Chris Pratt on the set of ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’.

The 37-year-old actress - who plays Claire Dearing in the money-spinning film franchise - has admitted to developing a competitive edge while shooting scenes with the Hollywood star.

During an appearance on the US chat show ‘The Talk’, Bryce explained: “In the training we’re doing these stunts together and Chris is an athlete ... so I felt pressure to keep up...

“So we trained in the same trailer and in this trailer there was lightboard where Chris would write his numbers. He would row a lot and he would say, ‘OK, I can do 300 meters in this amount of seconds.’ So I clocked that pretty early on and I would just go to the gym and row and row and row and I got it within a five-second range...”

However, Bryce quickly realised that she wouldn’t be able to keep pace with Chris, 39.

She recalled: “He comes in one day and I’m on some other machine and he’s doing the rower and it’s just like leisurely, like totally relaxed, and then he gets up and he totally beat his own score.

“The trainer saw my face and was like, ‘His legs are much longer.’”

Meanwhile, Chris - who has a five-year-old son called Jack with his estranged wife Anna Faris - recently revealed that he and his son have bonded over their mutual love of dinosaurs.

He shared: “Jack came to visit me on set. He’s five-and-a-half now and being on set has just kind of become old hat. To him, it’s just like anyone who went with their mom or dad to work.

“Putting a movie together can be very slow and monotonous, so you need to try and bring your kids to set on a day when there’s a big stunt going on or a big action sequence. Otherwise it’s a bit like watching paint dry.”