Ryan Reynolds: ‘Andrew Garfield is a great kisser’

February 5, 2017 GMT

Ryan Reynolds says Andrew Garfield is a “generous kisser”.

The two actors locked lips at the Golden Globes last month after Ryan lost out to Ryan Gosling for the title of Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy and although Reynolds insists his wife Blake Lively is a better kisser, he admitted Andrew is quite talented.

Speaking at the Hasty Pudding Theatricals 2017 Man of the Year award at Harvard University, he said: “I’m going to go with my wife on that one, for a number of reasons.

“Make no mistake. Andrew Garfield is a wonderful kisser. Very generous. A real darting tongue.”

Andrew, 33, previously admitted it was his idea to kiss at the awards ceremony.

He explained: “It was a ridiculous thing.

“I said to Ryan Reynolds, ‘If you win, kiss me instead of your wife.’ And he said, ‘Yeah, that’s great.’”

And when Ryan was left disappointed when the ‘La La Land’ star took home the gong instead, the ‘Silence’ actor was on hand to make him feel better.

Andrew added: “I said to Ryan, ‘We can still just do it’ and he was game. And I loved that we were so deep in the background so you kind of have to look and see if it was actually real.”

It isn’t the first time Andrew has spoken about the smooch, as he previously joked that he “just wanted Ryan to know [he] loved him”.

The ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ star said: “I just wanted Ryan to know that I loved him no matter whether he won or lost. It doesn’t matter. It’s how you play the game and you showed up. He gave his all. It doesn’t change anything in my heart.”

Meanwhile, Andrew - who previously dated Emma Stone - has said he hasn’t ruled out locking lips with anyone at the upcoming Oscars ceremony.

He quipped previously: “It depends on who they sit me next to. If they’re smart they’ll sit me next to someone that I’m attracted to.”