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Letter: Candidates should own up to party’s negative campaigning

November 7, 2018 GMT

Recently candidates in these pages have been complaining about negative campaigning.

Some of these same candidates do send out positive leaning literature as mailers and represent it as from their own campaign. At the same time they benefit from negative ads coming from sources like the Republican National Committee that focus on negative, misleading, and completely false statements.

In the case of Minnesota House campaigns you can find negative ads for Thomas Trehaus, Jamie Mahlberg, and Tyrel Clark with exactly the same content but with a photo and name change. It’s never so obvious that it’s a smear campaign when the ads paint candidates with so broad a brush that they don’t change content to fit the individual.


Perhaps it’s time for these supposed victims of negative campaigning to own up their own party’s bad behavior and stop complaining about how badly they are being treated.

I’m sure a review of their voting record in the house journal will set the record straight if someone thinks they’ve been mistreated.

Scott Bauer, Rochester