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Suspect Arrested in Murder of Fuji Film Executive

October 17, 1994 GMT

TOKYO (AP) _ Police arrested a gang member Monday in the slashing death of the managing director of Fuji Photo Film Co., who died in a wave of attacks on corporate executives.

Juntaro Suzuki was cut to death in his driveway Feb. 28, apparently by a sword. Police believe he was killed because he did not pay extortion money.

Toughs, often with mob connections, known as ″sokaiya,″ try to extort money from companies by threatening to disrupt annual stockholder meetings.

The suspect, Shinichi Okino, 28, was identified as a member of an Osaka gang. Police found him by tracing a suspicious car seen at Suzuki’s house at the time of the killing.

More than 20 executives have been attacked, five of them fatally, since police started cracking down on crime syndicates two years ago, according to the National Police Agency. The killings have received heavy media coverage in Japan, where violent crimes are rare.