Senate Candidate Ayyadurai: ‘Collusion’ Drives Up Health Care Costs

October 6, 2018 GMT

LOWELL -- How many times have you heard a politician say health care costs are out of control?

Shiva Ayyadurai, U.S. Senate candidate, could be heard this week going on and on about these crippling costs.

There’s “collusion” between big insurance companies, big pharmaceutical groups and big hospitals to keep costs high, the independent candidate stressed. Then there are “middle men” who elevate the cost of drugs in hospitals, he added.

Instead, it’s critical that America has a health care model that focuses on direct primary care, he emphasized during an editorial board at The Sun on Thursday.


“It’s a system that cares for people,” said Ayyadurai, who formerly campaigned as a Republican candidate. “A system where you can have a direct relationship with a doctor, where you can get medication at a low cost, and you can get fresh food.

“We have a systems problem in the entire health care model,” he added. “We need a significant change in Washington, focusing on prevention and lowering the cost of health care.”

By supporting this direct model of health care, costs would plummet for employers by about $7,500 per employee on an annual basis, said Ayyadurai -- an entrepreneur and MIT graduate who claims he invented email, which many have said is untrue.

He brought several health care charts he drew up, showing how costs have gotten out of control.

“It’s a freaking racket,” he said. “We need to bust it all up.

“You need more people like me who know how to solve this,” Ayyadurai added. “It’s a centralized system now. We need a decentralized system.”

The Indian-born immigrant is trying to pull a massive upset this November, unseating Elizabeth Warren from the Senate. The focus of the Senate race has been Warren, a nationally prominent Democrat who says she will consider running for president, versus Republican candidate Geoff Diehl.

Instead of running as a Republican, Ayyadurai gathered the necessary signatures to get on the ballot as an independent. His campaign slogan is: “Only a real Indian can defeat the Fake Indian.”

“We need fresh, new blood,” he said. “The American people deserve someone who brings new ideas to the table.”

He’s far back in the polls for November’s election, and has not received invites for debates from major media outlets across the state. All candidates on the ballot should be included in debates, he said, so he’s fighting the snub in federal court.


“Why am I not allowed?” Ayyadurai said. “The polls they use are totally rigged, man. It’s a sham.

“This is the most corrupt state, I hate to say it,” he added. “They don’t want to discuss any real issues. They’re so afraid of our campaign. I’ll blow them away, man.”

Recently, he was in the national news for a BuzzFeed News report on his campaign getting promoted by fake Facebook accounts. These accounts were also going after his opponents.

When asked about the report on Thursday, he responded: “Buzzfeed is a racist, disgusting organization. ... They come to do a hatchet job on us because they love Warren.”

He also discussed how companies like Google own email services, resulting in them mining users’ data, he said.

“It’s one of the most dangerous things in the country right now,” he said. “We’ve become the Soviet Union.

“We need to resurrect the postal service to protect speech in this country,” Ayyadurai added.

Back to the health care conversation, he said the country doesn’t have enough doctors. To fix this, students should enroll in a 13th year program after high school and then head straight into medical school, he said.

“What are kids learning at the undergraduate level?” he said. “What is the purpose of a four-year college education?”

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